Tips to save money by grocery shopping

Tips to save money by grocery shopping

Have you ever found it difficult to save when you shop? It happened to me and I developed these tips for you based on my experience. By applying these little tricks I can save a lot of money and so I can use them for something else … like paying a bill, which those never fail!

Here are my tips on how to save money by shopping.

Tips to save money by grocery shopping

Shopping list

Making the shopping list may seem trivial, but sitting in the kitchen with a pen and paper and checking what is actually missing is by far what saves me the most money. Check the pantry, but also the fridge, the bathroom cabinet and, if you have children, the children’s everyday accessories, make sure that you have an overall view of what you need and avoid buying things unnecessarily or maybe you forget something you’ve finished.

Tips to save money by grocery shopping


The offers often arrive in the mail and are very annoying. But sometimes they might come in handy, take a look at the offers and mark what is of interest to us on our list, it will save us money because we will take something we often use at a reduced price, plus we go to the supermarket and know where to throw the eye, so we also save time.

Tips to save money by grocery shopping

Meal plan

Weekly menu, the creation of a menu that varies every week is useful to avoid the appearance of an excessive amount of food, especially fresh, which will end, as often happens, in the garbage. When you know how many we are, what we want to eat and how much each is going to be easy to buy the right quantities and so we really save a lot of money, even if now reading the article you don’t believe it, because even I didn’t believe it.

Tips to save money by grocery shopping

Less advertised brand

No to super advertised brands, avoid buying the products of very famous brands because unfortunately they invest a lot of money in nice advertisements and in captivating but very few packs in the quality of the ingredients. Just pay a little attention to the list of ingredients to choose a better product and save money, as “second-class” products often cost less.

Tips to save money by grocery shopping

Farmers Market

Fruit and vegetables from the farmer, I noticed a noticeable difference in buying fruit and vegetables at the farmer’s market instead of at the supermarket. The products are local, genuine and have a much lower cost. And one thing not to be underestimated, with the farmers you can negotiate, with the supermarket no.

Tips to save money by grocery shopping

These are the main tricks that have helped me during these hard months and that will still help me for quite a while. If you pay attention and make more informed choices you can save money and also eat more genuine food

I have pcos, this is my story

I have pcos, this is my story

And if they told you that you could never have children, if they told you that you could never be “thin” or healthy, all because of a condition called PCOS … this, until a few years ago, was unknown.
And yet I am here years later with a little frog in my arms, healthy and almost in my fit weight. And today, after being thoroughly informed, I can finally talk openly about polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and how I managed to feel better.

The cause of PCOS is unknown but mainly associated with amenorrhea, obesity, hormonal fluctuations and insulin resistance (insulin’s bad absorption by the body), furthermore the presence of cysts in the ovaries and often enlargement of the uterus wall (endometrium) .

From the first elementary years I started to suffer from obesity and when I became a young lady I suffered from long periods of amenorrhea and hirsutism (facial hair, at least for me).

I was diagnosed with PCOS at 12 years, after 2 years of analysis and medical check-ups and they treated me with an experimental method.

Thanks to the cure I lost more than 30 kg and the analyzes were normal. But their idea was ‘a lifelong cure’ (metformin 3 times a day, pill and flutamide) … I lasted 5 years, after I started experiencing problems with severe blood sugar drops, so much so that I fainted from nothing, stomach problems like severe burning and poor digestion.

I talked about it with the family doctor and the gynecologist and after a long struggle where they insisted that there is no other way and the cure is just that, we have come to the conclusion that that much-known experimental cure in the long run would have me brought only illnesses and at worst tumors.

The initial solution was to gradually suspend the current treatment, take a break to ‘detoxify’ and then switch to a natural supplement based on chiro-inositol and folic acid. In the meantime I would have to improve my nutrition and make some movement, it was enough to take walks, to move my metabolism and improve my detox phase.

I have pcos, this is my story

I have pcos, this is my story

About two months passed, he began to feel better, I lost more kg and my ovaries were better. At this point I begin the treatment with Inofolic Combi, the ginegologist said that three months had to pass before seeing any real results. Well after about 10 days from the beginning of the treatment I had my first ‘visible’ ovulation, at that time I was already with my husband and the gynecologist told us to use alternative precautions, because for the pill she wanted to wait at least another month, we opted for classic condoms.

The cycle with Inofolic did not come, but despite the fact that in the last year I had the regular cycle, I did not worry because I was used to waiting for months, sometimes between cycles. But after ten days of delay and various feelings (from her husband), we decide to take a pregnancy test … and on a cool October morning, precisely on October 25, 2015 at 10.30 we find that we will become parents.

I have pcos, this is my story

What if they say you can never have children? Before you lose hope, do everything you can, don’t give up. Nature is not always in accord with science.

PCOS is a manageable syndrome, and with the right means you can live normally. I was lucky enough to have my daughter, but I’m still struggling with being overweight and I can’t always follow an exemplary diet. But don’t give up, I want to be able to reach my healthy weight and thanks to my husband’s support I know I’ll make it. Just don’t give up ❤

I have pcos, this is my story
However if you are diagnosed with it, arm yourself with strength and courage and you will see that everything will go in its place. It takes a little patience to get used to the ‘new life path’ but it will be worth it because your health will improve and also your spirit and your mind.

I have pcos, this is my story

3 tips for successful breastfeeding

3 tips for successful breastfeeding

As the mother of a 4-year-old girl who is still breastfeeding, I would like to give some advice to new mothers or future mothers who have undertaken or will undertake the wonderful journey of breastfeeding. Thinking about the advice I can give you, dear mother, to help you in this path, I have drawn three fundamental ones for me, and now I will go to list them and to deepen the essential aspects of what has been, and still is, breastfeeding.

3 tips for successful breastfeeding
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1 Peacefulness

If we want to breastfeed our baby in the long term, the most important thing we need to understand is that our mood has a considerable impact. Our serenity is fundamental to establish a relationship with ourselves, as mothers, and with our child. For me, perhaps by nature or luck, it was a simple step, I wanted to breastfeed and I knew that if I did a thousand paranoia or went in anxiety it would not have served if not to create a loopsenza way of escape that would have negatively influenced my relationship with my daughter and with the maternity. On the other hand we are fragile after giving birth and it is normal to be afraid and a thousand paranoia, but we can always do it! Learn to ask for help, don’t be ashamed of not succeeding, we are human. Come on moms, a happy mom has a happy baby :).

2 Instinct

Mom’s instinct is infallible, you must be able to free it and let it guide you. In the field of maternity and breastfeeding, there are no doctors and no scientific methods to take. If your puppy has nursed ten minutes ago and asks to be attacked again, don’t panic, don’t think your milk is not enough; remember that to have milk the breast must be stimulated and the baby’s suction stimulates the production of milk, so it is normal for the first months to be attacked more often. It also has a very small stomach and it is normal to eat more frequently, and above all sucking is very tiring the first few months .. in short, there are multiple factors to consider and to keep in mind. But don’t let fear overwhelm you, enjoy every moment and follow your instincts, always.

3 Intimacy and privacy

Friends, relatives, acquaintances .. the first days will invade your home and your intimacy. Kindly try to limit your intimacy as a mother, as a family. Timetables to people (to whom you can, surprise visits will not be missed!) To come to you; so you can rest and enjoy your return home and your first moments alone. This will help you relax and establish a relationship with your child. But don’t forget to shut your ears when they start rattling off (unsolicited) advice on how to handle your child. You decide and you know how to do it, don’t let yourself be conditioned. These are the tips that helped me along my path and I hope they can help you too, good nursing, dear mothers.

You are good mothers regardless of the path we choose to follow, enjoy your children and make choices in line with yourself. Nothing else matters.

10 valuable tips for a clean home

10 valuable tips for a clean home

Any housewife would always like the house clean and tidy. And you know, it’s not always possible especially with children around. But here are 10 valuable tips for a clean home … Or almost!

  • Everything must have a specific place and must be stored after each use. This avoids the accumulation of objects scattered around the house that do not have a place where they need to be stored, but above all the act of storing them whenever they are used, means that they do not remain out of place for an indefinite time, thus creating disorder.
  • Clean the kitchen every night. This may seem strange, but it means that we do not fall into a vicious circle that never stops. Because if you leave the dirty dishes to do, in the morning seeing that stack of dishes to fix, we immediately start on the wrong foot and often we happen to postpone to lunch and we end up arriving in the evening and have an endless pile of dishes to do . If instead of taking the habit of doing it every night, preferably after every meal, we find ourselves in the morning with the kitchen in order and puts us in a good mood.
  • Pass the floors with a vacuum cleaner or sweep every day, and remove any dirt residues. If we clean the living area and the bathroom every night, in the morning we quickly pass the sleeping area, we will have created a routine that allows us to clean the floors once a week in a deeper way, but without great efforts.
  • Unloading the dishwasher after each wash allows us to have it available for storing the dishes as they are used during the day and of course the clean dishes must be returned immediately to their place.
  • Give sanitaryware a clean every day, preferably in the evening, before going to bed. A damp cloth and a few drops of vinegar are enough. Doing this action every day means that we don’t find ourselves having to clean up unpleasant day-old encrustations.
  • Making the bed every morning gives a feeling of accomplishment that will not leave you all day long, you will be more productive, more active and the room will seem cleaner and tidy.
  • Arrange the clothes every day without leaving piles around the house with clothes to wash, iron or fold. When a garment is to be washed, place it immediately in the laundry basket. While when you remove dry clothes from the drying rack, or whoever owns it, from the dryer, fold them immediately and put them back in their place. And if you need to iron some clothes, set up a place to put clothes to iron “on hold”, so you don’t have them on the bed, or on the sofa, etc.
  • Taking off your shoes before entering the house is a good way to eliminate unnecessary germs, bacteria and dirt. When we go back home and come in with shoes we take with us everything we have walked on the outside. Public toilets, supermarkets, roads, offices, factories, who knows what will be under those soles … and we naively take it home every day. If you start to leave them at the entrance and use slippers for indoor or socks or barefoot, you will notice a huge difference in terms of dirt. Your vacuum cleaners and clothes will thank you;).
  • Eliminating the sources of unpleasant odors, it often happens to enter a house where it permeates a particular odor, often unpleasant, that despite being clean (sometimes it is really dirty!), Makes us think and believe that it is dirty. Pay attention to the organic bins, to the siphons in the bathroom, to the baby diapers (who has them), to the shoes, to the “gifts” of our pelosetti friends and to the smell of smoke. If you pay attention to these things, your house will certainly have a better smell, then go ahead with incense or candles, without exaggerating eh! However, avoid wall speakers, consume electricity and are chemical products and even diffusion sprays, it is certainly not good to breathe that vapor.
  • Ask the other members of your family to help you, also following some suggestions, such as putting everything back in their place, not leaving loose clothes around the house and above all taking off your shoes before entering the house. If all family members collaborate in this “project” your home will be easily cleaned and tidy and you less stressed.

10 valuable tips for a clean home

The use of natural products for home cleaning

The use of natural products for home cleaning


Today I want to talk to you about why I chose to use more and more natural products for household cleaning and personal hygiene for the whole family. Since I have the baby, I mainly think about her safety, and the daily cleaning of the house is one of the things I care about most.
In the early days, as an inexperienced mother, I bought all the branded, super advertised detergents, ideal for children. But that in the end is so child-friendly they have nothing.
They are chemical products, they are not good for the health of our children.
So I started documenting, on the web, in books, where I could find information, I didn’t hesitate to ask and assimilate concepts.
And step by step I started to replace the universal degreaser, the specific product for the bathroom, the product for the glasses, those for the furniture, and how about the kitchen degreaser? There are really trillions of them, of every brand and genre. Not to mention laundry detergents!
I am still experimenting with many remedies and combinations but I can sincerely and happily say that I have not bought a degreaser for many months and that they are being abandoned even for many washing machine and dishwasher detergents.
First of all, the products that are on the market are mainly chemical and harmful, but they also have a high cost and with the fact that for each thing the specific product is needed, after all, the spending increases and not a little at the end of the month.
The main natural products I use are white vinegar and bicarbonate.
In another moment I will deepen their uses in more detail, now I want to dwell on why I chose to change.

Here are the products I use every day

The use of natural products for home cleaning

  • Vinegar

Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and degreaser, these characteristics allow us to use it for almost the entire house. It can be used pure or diluted and its characteristic odor goes away as soon as it dries. You can use it for floors, for dishwashers, for kitchen countertops, for steel, for furniture, for glass … the list is long! But above all I have experienced, having two dogs, which perfectly eliminates the smell and residues of the pee.

The use of natural products for home cleaning

  • Baking soda

Baking soda is a natural whitening, antacid and ideal for many home remedies and for personal hygiene. It can be used in powder or create, thanks to water, a paste applicable on stains, in the case of laundry, but also on the visa for a scrub or for washing teeth. Or if you use it together with the vinegar it becomes an excellent sinking spray or a perfect wc net and if like me, you hate cleaning the incrustations of the oven this combination is ideal.

The use of natural products for home cleaning

  • Salt

Salt has multiple properties and uses in the home, is an excellent stain remover and whitener for clothing, increases the disinfectant properties of vinegar, helps revive colored garments and carpets and is a natural deodorant.

The use of natural products for home cleaning

  • Lemon

The lemon, thanks to its acid, is an excellent natural degreaser for all surfaces and to eliminate bad smells, ideal for cleaning refrigerators and wooden or bamboo utensils. But thanks to its fragrance it also has the power to remove insects from home and deodorizes garbage.

If you also want to switch to a simpler and more natural lifestyle, especially to save a lot of money on detergents, often useless, do not hesitate to try these products.

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos

Water breaking

On July 27th 2015, 5 days after the expected date of birth, at 05.15 am I wake up to go pee. When I arrive in the bathroom I hear a strange noise, like a crack and then a small jet of water that leaks from my legs and falls to the ground. At that moment I realize that the time has finally come, Sarah was about to be born. Without making sudden movements, but super excited and a little terrified, I go to wake up my partner. Just enough time to connect the facts, we dress and bags on our shoulders, we get into the car and head to the hospital. Our journey of almost parents had just come to an end, soon we would have started another path, new and exciting, that of parents.

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos

Arrival at the hospital

When they arrived at the hospital, in a time that seemed to never end, they welcomed us and immediately took us to the ward. After a few minutes I was immediately checked, I had only one cm of dilation, no pain, I was lucid and quite relaxed, if we exclude trepidation due to the desire to know one’s daughter and the natural fear of giving birth. They assign me a bed and together with my partner, we wait … we wait … in the meantime the time for lunch and the visit of the doctors of the shift arrives. Still all quiet except for some small sporadic pain. The anity goes up, the waiting gets longer …. Sarah makes herself wait until the very end.

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos

The arrival of pains

Around 15 pm I start to have pains closer together, even if they are always bearable. They visit me and tell me “if you don’t do it tonight we will have it done to us!”, They thought I would have gone for a long time, being the first child.
From 6 pm the pains increased more and more until 10 pm when I started the tight contractions of 10 min and I couldn’t stay lying down or sitting.
They visit me and I was dilated by only 2 cm, so they decide that my husband could go home and that they would call in case of news.

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos


I was alone waiting and aching for another three hours, during which I was still quite clear and could bear the contractions that were getting closer and closer. At 01.30 I felt a strong urge to pee, I tried to go to the bathroom but I had no result, so I decided to call the midwife on duty who visited me and tried to put me catheter, but the bladder was empty. The baby’s head was right there, so close that it pressed against my bladder and gave me the feeling of peeing.

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos

The hot shower

The dilation was still back so the midwife told me to go take a hot shower to relax, so I would sleep a few more quiet hours. I go back to my room and between one contraction and another I slip under a warm and relaxing shower, it took me only a few minutes and I no longer had any pain, I thought that finally I could sleep a couple of hours and put myself back in strength. After about twenty minutes, strong pangs began underneath, and after a few minutes they grew even stronger and closer together. I dry and go to hang out, I try to write to my partner but the pains are so intense that even the light of the mobile phone screen bothers me.

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos

We are almost there

I don’t know exactly what time it was and how much time has passed but I have been lying for a long time trying to satisfy those strong pains, waiting to be ready. Before, during the last check-up, the midwife had suggested that I not push even if I felt the need, because otherwise I would have torn myself out (words in words). And so I waited … waited, until I didn’t make it anymore.
I called the midwife and explained to her the pain I had, she asked me to raise her legs so she could control the situation. As soon as he saw the latex glove almost escaped under his hand.
He tells me that I have the baby’s head almost outside and we have to run to the delivery room. I had only one thing in mind: my partner is not here …. call him.
They tell me we’ll call it later, that there’s no time, the little girl is almost out.

We arrive in the delivery room, they brought me directly with the bed and everything, they ask me if I can put myself on the armchair to give birth and I, as if nothing had happened, get up and put myself on the armchair. At that moment I no longer felt pain, I had an inner peace that I had never felt. The midwife calmly tells me to push as soon as I feel a contraction. And so I made for the two contractions to follow and without even realizing it I find myself a small wad resting on my chest, it was her, my little … finally she was born.

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos

The story of my natural childbirth with pcos

The birth

It was 05.15 am on 28 July 2015 Sarah weighed 3.305 kg per 48 cm in length. The only big regret I have is that my partner (current husband) did not witness his birth, although fortunately he arrived only a few minutes later and was able to witness all his newborn beauty.

My pregnancy story

The discovery

October 25th 2014 was for me and my partner (now husband), a day full of strong emotions.
Since I was told, over and over again, that I could not have children, we did not think in the least that this long delay with strange episodes of food sickness and cravings at three o’clock in the morning was due to pregnancy.
But by chance he wanted my new treatment for PCOS, barely undertaken by twenty days, to work great.

That October 25 of two years ago at 10:45, awkwardly and with my heart beating wildly, I waited for those fateful three very long minutes, which then three were not because after a few seconds I had in my hands a test with two red lines.

It was at that very moment that my life changed. I’m changed. I became a future mother.

First Quarter

Throughout the first quarter, I looked forward to the first time I saw that string bean, accompanied by nausea and so much fatigue. That belly that still could not be seen, all the signals that the body sent and that I received with joy. The flicker in the belly, the aching breast … every little sign was a positive moment for me.

The day of the first ultrasound finally arrived, when we saw that little creature we got so excited that we had tears in our eyes. I couldn’t believe it was there, in my belly.
He moved like a fish, so energetic, so vital!

What a thrill that day!

At the end of the first trimester, the hated nausea passed, the belly began to change shape, my body was softening and we waited anxiously for the second ultrasound to find out if it would be a boy or a girl.

Second Quarter

In the second quarter I was presented with an irrepressible desire to “nest”, starting with a body and filling the wardrobe.
But the best thing was being able to give the news peacefully to friends and relatives. The third month has passed, now we can say! And so it was that by phone call, sms after text message, everyone knew we were expecting a baby.

In the second quarter, something happens that for us future mothers is very important, I began to feel his movements.

That unexpected sensation of small taps on your side, which makes you wince in the middle of the night due to the immense joy, waking your companion with lots of screams, which at first frightened is calmed and gets excited with you.

From then on, not feeling him move you into anxiety, and in your mind a cloud of thoughts is created that assails you whenever silence reigns in your belly. But that a single tap makes everything vanish.
The second ultrasound is finally coming.

Everything goes perfectly, the child grows well, even if slightly below average, but nothing to worry about …….. and for a future parent, but above all for a future mother these words send the brain into jelly .. .. but fortunately it was really all perfect, the average on which they are based serves to see if the child actually grows, and thanks to God it grew, even if not as they would have expected.
When the time came when you needed to know if he was a boy or a girl there was a surprise, he had little legs crossed and so … you had to wait for the third echo!

Third Quarter

During the third quarter the pre-birth course begins, the belly grows visibly, the weight increases, the fatigue begins to be felt and the insomnia reigns supreme!
At the pre-birth course we met many other future parents, they taught us many things about breastfeeding and the first approaches with the newborn. I was very pleased to meet him, we could compare and comfort each other with our experiences, our diversity … it was beautiful and very useful.

Until the end of the seventh month I was able to work quietly, but after the beginning of the eighth it was hard and I had to take motherhood pause from work.

Staying at home every day, with nothing to do, is not easy at all … so begins the period in which the suitcase for the hospital is prepared, the choice of its first clothes, size zero, or no, long sleeve yes or no, in July in the hospital will it be warm or will they have air conditioning at all?
And the bedroom? The trio? the layette?

Thus we begin to plan, search and buy everything that we think will be useful. Pacifiers, pacifiers, baby bottles, diapers, changing tables, bouncers, in other words, you name it.
But during the last period, despite some short-hair I was so good, so fit that the time has passed so fast, the day of the third and final ultrasound has arrived. I kept myself so busy that I didn’t know if he was a boy or a girl.

The last echo went very well, grew and was proportionate, so no growth defects.
It took a bit of movement and patience to get him to put that crafty in place but finally he was wide-legged and ……. FEMININE!

After the long wait it was finally revealed!
Now we just had to wait for the moment.

The deadline was 22 July 2015, Sarah was born on 28 July 2015 at 05.15, 3305 kg x 48 cm of pure beauty.

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful things in life. And being young as a child helps to mature a lot. It puts you in front of important choices, at times when you face the obstacle or you are lost.

Children fill our hearts and our days.

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